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UpMost saves you time, keeps climbers engaged, and gives a professional look to your competition.

"We used UpMost for our 3-month long competition. We had over 300 entries, and the system handled it without a glitch. There were almost no questions from customers which is a testament to the clean and intuitive UI, and this was a contributing factor to the popularity of the series.

Sefton Priestley, Director of Uprising, Christchurch,


"Great overall customer experience. Climbers used UpMost with virtually zero explanation.

Stefano Gialli, Co-founder of Planet Climbing, Geneva, Switzerland

Focus on route setting.
Let UpMost do the rest.

Set and forget

Set up your competition and let it run without your involvement. Climbers register and score themselves, and leaderboards are updated in real time, saving precious time for you and your staff.

Quicker onboarding.
More participants.

A competition's success is in part measured by its attendance. Get more participants in your competition thanks to our quick registration and scoring process.

Engaged participants.
Loyal climbers.

Gone are the days of boring spreadsheets and bland leaderboards. UpMost keeps climbers of all skill levels engaged in the competition, building loyalty and a memorable experience.

Your gym.
Your competition.

Customise your competition to your needs from rounds, colours, scoring, etc... including your gym's branding.

Community driven

UpMost is built to help climbing businesses and climbers get the most out of competitions. We listen to you and provide support every step of the way!

Do one thing.
Do it well.

Being a solution dedicated to bouldering competitions allows us to focus 100% on offering the best to our clients without any compromises.

Privacy matters

UpMost complies with all applicable laws and regulations regarding data privacy, and helps you meet the same requirements. UpMost does not share or provide personal information to any third party.

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