What UpMost offers

It's packed with features!

Real-time updates

Leaderboards and activity feeds are updated in real time.

Tablet app

UpMost runs on a tablet in your gym. Climbers register and score themselves in seconds without staff needing to be involved.

Quick & easy onboarding

UpMost makes it easy for climbers to join your competition. No need for them to create an account, download an app, or familiarise themselves with a complex system. It’s easy as, because that's what matters!

Mobile app

Climbers keep track of the competition when they're not at the gym using the UpMost mobile app. It can also be used to follow the progress of friends and relatives.

Fit for your needs

Set your competition the way you are used to. Set the number of rounds, their duration, the number of problems, how they are scored, the colour of the boulders, and more!

Separate rankings

Create any number of divisions to organise participants in and generate leaderboards.

Management dashboard

Manage your competitions, participants, rounds and all other aspects of your bouldering events directly from our dashboard.

Activity feed

A feed displays which problems were recently completed by fellow climbers.

Gym branding

Your competition appears under your gym, your logo, your brand.

More personal

Climbers can make their profile unique by selecting from a collection of avatars when they register.

Broadcast it!

Connect UpMost to TV screens to show real time rankings.

Privacy first

UpMost complies with all applicable laws and regulations regarding data privacy, and helps you meet the same requirements.

Outstanding support

We've got your back, every step of the way!

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