Quality of life additions to the competition dashboard

Frédéric Massart, 28 January 2021

It is the turn of our dashboard to benefit from improvements. This month, we focussed on improving the quality of life of climbing gym managers by introducing a few new features.

Leaderboard for each climbing problem

The individual leaderboard for any problem or climb can be viewed for each division. While this is available from the Kiosk app, having them on the dashboard allows managers to quickly get a glance at the ranking for any of the problems.

The leaderboard shows the score obtained by each of the competitors, in this case Flash, Top or Zone, how many points those scores are worth and when they were submitted by each participant.

The leaderboard for a problem called "Blue 2" showing the participants, the time at which they scored, their score and the number of points their scores are worth.

Default scoring from the wizard 🧙

The wizard helps to quickly set-up a competition with minimal information. For simplicity, the first version of the wizard assumed that the scoring type would use points. But since we introduced more scoring types, all scoring type options are available directly from the wizard, thus making creating a new competition even simpler.

The menu to choose the default scoring type when creating a competition.

Drag & drop to reorder

The Rounds & Problems screen where the structure of competitions is managed was given some love. Bouldering problems within a particular round can be reorganised using drag and drop. Another time saver for competition managers!

You may also notice that the points value for each score option is now displayed alongside the option for added clarity.

Drag & drop problems to reorganise them.

Duplicate a competition

If you tend to re-organise the same competitions you will love this. Duplicating a competition allows to recreate another competition using the exact same format as another one.

When a competition is duplicated, all the dates are automatically shifted to match the new start date. The rest remains unchanged, so you can pretty much run a new competition in seconds!

The screen to duplicate a competition only requires a name and starting date.

Final thoughts

We're happy to be able to deliver improvements to further improve the ease of use of UpMost. Organising a competition should be easy, and fun! That's what we're aiming for with every change.

Next month, the release will be for the benefits of climbers! This has something to do with creatively using leaderboards to increase enjoyment and engagement. Stay tuned!

UpMost is a climbing competition management system designed to engage climbers of all skill levels, to save competition organisers precious time, and to drive more visits to climbing gyms. Contact us for more information.