Export your competition data

Frédéric Massart, 31 May 2021

At UpMost, we are not in the business of locking you in. In our latest release we've introduced the ability to export all of your competition data.

Whether it would be to backup your competition, to run statistics, to generate additional rankings, or even to migrate to another service provider, your data is yours and you're welcome to access it any time.

The prompt to export a competition's data from the dashboard.

The export contains the list competitors, the divisions, all the leaderboards, as well as the ranking and scores for each individual climb. All of which is nicely bundled in a Zip of CSV files.

And if you're crunching numbers, extracting statistics, or running analyses, please let us know! We would love to hear what you came up with!

UpMost is a climbing competition management system designed to engage climbers of all skill levels, to save competition organisers precious time, and to drive more visits to climbing gyms. Contact us for more information.