Discoverability of climbers standings

Frédéric Massart, 27 April 2021

Last month, we introduced engaging leaderboards. Those are optional unofficial leaderboards that aim to increase engagement by providing additional opportunities for climbers to find themselves reaching the top of a leaderboard.

While climbers could browse all the leaderboards already, finding out a participant's rank in each of them was cumbersome. We decided to improve our apps and display all the ranks of a climber at once. Not only this would lead to climbers getting a sense of where they stand, but it also gives them insights on their peers' standings.

So with this month's release, all of the ranks of the climbers are visible within their profile, both in our Kiosk (tablet) and mobile apps.

An example of the tablet displaying a row of rankings on a climber's profile page.

The official ranks will always be shown first, they are the most important of a competition after all. They are then followed by the unofficial ranks, the best being displayed first.

With this simple change, we aim to boost motivation by showcasing where boulderers are performing particularly well!

UpMost is a climbing competition management system designed to engage climbers of all skill levels, to save competition organisers precious time, and to drive more visits to climbing gyms. Contact us for more information.